Why am I running for Catholic School Board Trustee?

I am running for Trustee because I want to give a voice to children…. ALL CHILDREN.

Because EVERY child is important and EVERY child belongs.

I am committed to putting students and their education first.

Promoting and protecting our Catholic Schools.

Listening to and respecting parents concerns and comments.

Understanding the needs of our teachers to effectively deliver the education they desire.

Ensuring all students receive the education they deserve in the manner that best suits their needs.

I promise to promote a respectful and cohesive Board of Trustees.

Part of the role of Trustee involves governance.

Governance requires the recognition of the model utilized by the board. In this case, the Board addresses: Missions, Values, Principles and overarching objectives, leaving the Administration to the actual day-to-day functioning of the District.

It also involves lobbying the Government to ensure they understand the important role a Catholic Education plays in the development of our children.

Our role is to be communicators, policy makers and advocators. It is not to be administrators, teachers or superintendents.

It is also to be the respectful voice of the electorate, while maintaining a cohesive and supportive Board.

I will ensure policies find the balance of supporting the Government, the Church, the schools and the needs of our children.

I will work to evolve as a Trustee based on my students, my teachers, my administration and my community. The worst thing I can be is static and unengaged.