The challenges I see for catholic education

To ensure Catholic Education endures, we must continue to put children first by working together as partners in their education. Growth happens when all stakeholders buy in.

This includes students, parents, teachers, School Boards, Government and Church.

Public education is extraordinary in Alberta in that we have a choice

                  A choice to send our children to either a catholic or public system.

                  A choice to include faith in every aspect of our children’s education.

We also need to celebrate our accomplishments and successes more.

We need to showcase our amazing Schools, Teachers and Administration and what we are doing to put our children first.

We need to emphasize that Catholicism permeates throughout our day. We live it and it is represented in everything we do.

Lastly, we need to take people into our catholic elementary schools and see our students. These children are absolutely living our faith. There is an utter joy when our children talk about God and Jesus and how faith resonates in their lives.